Located just north of Boston in Wenham, MA, treat cakes & confections is a women owned and operated business.  We have a passion for food and entertaining, and we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.  Our clients have an appreciation for our personal, creative approach in providing an individual dessert, customized display or unique menu for any type of event.   We're both former corporate girls, and although we're many years out of the board room, we maintain a professional, customer-centric mentality.   Together with our kitchen team we're a perfect storm of awesome.  We truly love working with our clients to interpret their needs within our broad culinary and creative skill set.

Kathleen O'Connor is an entrepreneur who started her first company at the age of 22 developing, designing a wholesale a line of children’s clothing.  After selling that company, she worked for various investment companies including Putnam Investments and Citizens Advisers and her jobs included marketing, institutional research and market development.   Kathleen grew up in a family obsessed with food and is an avid home cook.  In the kitchen she is passionate about simple creations using high quality and real ingredients. When she’s not in the kitchen or working on other   treat  business, she manages public relations for her husband’s business, coaches her kids’ sports teams - and when time allows crushes it on the tennis court.  Kathleen  lives in Hamilton, MA with her husband and three children.  

Carol Harlow-Carlson has a creative, entrepreneurial spirit.  Formerly a Vice President & Director at Cyrk, Inc, which at the time was the largest promotional products company in the world.  She specialized in sales, client services and product development.  Carol was a career-changer, graduating from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in 2001.  She has since focused her creative passion and love of food on building a wholesale and retail pastry business.  Carol is an accomplished personal chef, pastry chef, recipe writer, tester and food stylist.  When she's not in the kitchen she loves to read cookbooks like a novel, travel and have outdoor adventures with her family. Carol lives in Wenham, MA with her husband and two children.