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We will create an assortment of exactly what you want. 
Here are some of our favorites, all can be made Gluten-FreE.

Cookies:   Oatmeal chocolate chip | Double chocolate espresso | Snickerdoodles | Lemon crinkles | Chocolate mint crinkles | Chocolate chip | White chocolate, macadamia & toffee | Raspberry thumbprints | Chocolate & traditional sugar cookies | Peanut butter | Molasses | Oatmeal Raisin | Coconut macaroons | Almond macaroons

Bars & Brownies: 

  • Gluten-Free brownie - our signature brownie and the best brownie you will eat. We offer a wide range of variations on the classic brownie, such as our Chocolate Mint Brownie or Caramel Drizzle.

  • Gluten-free caramel nut bar - dipped in chocolate and drizzled in white chocolate

  • Lemon bars - with a gluten-free or traditional shortbread crust

  • Key Lime bars - with graham cracker, shortbread or graham/macadamia nut/coconut crust

  • Jammy Bars - our homemade seasonal jam sandwiched between oat crumble crusts

  • Cheesecake - available in several varieties including plain, lemon, strawberry, pumpkin or chocolate marble & turtle

  • Seven-Layer Bars

  • Rice Krispy treats - dipped or plain

Cupcakes:  We create flavor combinations upon request.

Small Bites:  We customize our small bite assortment to meet the clients specifications.  Small bites are a versatile way to incorporate a variety of flavors and preferences.  We offer new varieties seasonally and always try to accommodate personal requests.




Please call us at 978-223-1045 or click below to tell us a little bit about what you are looking for.  Someone will be in touch shortly.



Corporate & Special Events


Creating a unique installation of small bites in a beautiful arrangement for corporate and private events is one of our specialties...

Together we will create a dessert menu to meet your needs and budget.

Gluten-free items are always included

Vegan & Dairy-free options provided upon request

Dessert installation set-up and clean-up also available




Please call us at 978-223-1045 or fill out our form to tell us a little bit about what you are looking for.  Someone will be in touch shortly. 



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We work with each couple or wedding planner to create the perfect dessert that complements the style and location of each wedding.

The Dessert Installation is our signature look…
we've adapted it in a variety of ways to create the perfect wedding display.

the cake installation

A collection of multiple cakes  designed to create a dramatic and unique tiered display of cakes.  Specifically arranged to complement your wedding aesthetic, this concept allows for multiple cake flavors and easily accommodates dietary restrictions. Our tiered table of cakes provides a delicious and unique alternative to a tiered cake.  We will work with you,  your florist and your caterer to create the overall appearance of this dramatic display.  Should you choose, our creative team will set up the entire installation and provide all necessary rentals from our abundant collection. Click here for more info

the confection table

Let's create a confection table to indulge every sweet tooth - the sky's the limit.  From candy jars to a dramatic installation of small bites, this colorful display is able to incorporate a tremendous amount of variety.  We'll create a gorgeous, whimsical display that won't disappoint.

The cupcake display

The simply delicious cupcake, elevated to wedding status.  We offer a wide range of flavors - paired with a cutting cake or by themselves, cupcakes create a fun yet elegant dessert display.  Cupcakes provide ample opportunity to incorporate several flavor combinations as well as accommodate dietary restrictions.  There is something for everyone, and the overall effect is lovely.


unique dessert concepts

Let's face it, some couples do not want a wedding cake.  Don't worry, we've got you covered - create your own unique dessert menu with us.  From cake pops to individual strawberry shortcake, we have a wide repertoire.  Whether individually plated desserts or buffet-style service we will work with you and your caterer to create the perfect ending to your perfect day.

edible favors

Perfect for a bridal shower or brunch, table favors and guest room goodie baskets.

Each of our unique dessert presentations is scalable to accommodate budget and event size.  We offer several options to insure a perfect fit to your needs.  Your caterer may pick up your order at our kitchen, we can deliver to your caterer for a small fee, or we can provide the entire installation service including all required rentals.  We'll review all of your options with you.


& catering



We bake daily a full complement of traditional and gluten-free products for cafes and caterers on the North Shore of Boston and beyond.  In addition to a  steady supply of everyday treat for busy restaurants, we supplement with a wide assortment of specialty desserts for catering and special events.  While almost everything we bake is available as a wholesale product, these are some of our most popular items.  We accommodate special requests whenever possible.  It makes us better.

Our product offering is constantly evolving... Contact us for the most current information.


Gluten Free Scones & Breakfast - Available baked fresh, or unbaked frozen

  • Almond Scone - almond flour base with coconut, nuts, cranberry, chocolate chips & banana (best to freeze baked)

  • Maple Oat Scone 

  • Blueberry Lemon Scone

  • Seasonal Scones include:  Peach Ginger, Apple Cider, Cranberry Orange (Miniatures available for special events with notice)

  • Overnight Oats - Steel cut oats, maple syrup, chia, almond butter, almond milk - gluten & dairy free - Served cold and ready to eat - just add your own fruit.

  • Coffee Cake - Bundt or small loaves

Bars & Brownies

1 dozen minimum per bar, also available as uncut 9x13 pans or as indicated.
Cut bars are individually wrapped, placed in baking cups, or clamshell packaging

  • Gluten Free Brownies

  • Jammy Bars with Almond flour crumb - (9x9)

  • Lemon Squares with Shortbread crust 

  • Lemon Squares with gluten-free Shortbread crust - (9x9) 

  • Congo Bars - traditional or gluten-free

  • 7-layer Bars

  • Rice Krispy treats

  • Gluten-Free Caramel nut bars, dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate -cut only

  • Key lime squares with graham/macadamia/coconut crust -or-  gluten-free or traditional shortbread crust - clamshell 2-pack only

  • Carrot Cake squares

  • Cheesecake squares

Cakes & Cupcakes

  • Chocolate Bundt cake glazed with ganache - available whole or cut and wrapped.

  • We offer a rotating variety of cupcakes weekly - Please refer to Cupcake menu for complete offering

  • Cupcakes - 1 dozen minimum per flavor: Available in Standard, Gluten-free and Miniature

  • Cake-pops  

  • Cake sizes:
    6" Baby Cakes - 3 layer cake
    6" Tall Baby Cakes - 5 layer cake
    9" Cakes - 4 layer cake
    9 x 13"   


Specialty cookies

  • Extra Large chocolate chunk cookies

  • Chocolate-dipped Coconut macaroons  - open stock or bags of 8

  • Almond macaroons - 3" cookie

  • Vegan chocolate chip

Traditional Cookies

  • Available by the dozen open stock, or packaged in bags of 8

  • We offer raspberry thumbprints year-round in addition to one or two other varieties at a time.  

  • Our standards include:  raspberry thumbprints, peanut butter, molasses, chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, double chocolate espresso, lemon crinkles, chocolate mint crinkles, white chocolate/macadamia/toffee, oatmeal raisin - although we accommodate special requests and gluten-free.

Tarts & Tartlets

We offer a wide assortment of tarts - 1.5" bite size, 4" dessert size, 9" and 11" full-sized.  Some ideas are key lime, chocolate cream, Tart au Citron, fruit tart, banana cream.  See our 'Small Bites' menu for more options.  We love to create personalized tarts to suit every special request - if you require  a gluten-free tart, please ask and we will price it for you.


For catering needs, we also have a broad menu of dessert assortments and small bites - priced upon request.  Please see Small Bites menu for more options.

Family style and individually plated desserts are priced upon request.  We offer a wide range that accommodate many dietary restrictions - please ask!


Please call us at 978-223-1045 or click here to tell us a little bit about what you are looking for.  Someone will be in touch shortly.

Ordering and Cancellation policy

We request two week notice for our every-day menu and two week notice for special events.  Sometimes that's just not possible - give us a call, we'll always do our best to accommodate last minute requests.

For standing orders, we request a one-week notification on a change or cancellation.